"Sy puas hati dgn telekung ez.sgt bkualiti.mudahkan sy utk bsolat terus sarung je.wrna pn cntik.kl lps ni ada ez yg sulam2 pun menarik juga :) "

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- mamanisrin@gmail.com ( Source from email, date; 05/06/14))
  • SyaSya Ibrahim
    December 14, 2013
    SyaSya Ibrahim
    • InsyaAllah u will always success! Im happy with my 2nd piece of telekung from Emerald Trading. Do tag me if you have new collections ya. Thank you.

Assalamualaikum Aliah, telekung dh sampai petang semalam.. thanks  looooove it. nanti i beli lagi & lagii 
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‎4th & counting repeat customer. Highly recommended seller with prompt response & excellent service. Will definitely trade again :)
Allah bless~
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a pleasure to deal with you. quick response & honest :)
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Assalaamu'alaikum sis. Alhamdulillah saya dh receive order saya. :D Very comfortable material n luv it cos ez to carry around. :D insya Allah will be back for more orders. ;) thanx for the quick delivery!

Sabrina Hassan (source from facebook)


"Salam aliah..akak dah pakai dah telekung...best sgt..!selasa sgt..n sedap kainnye!thx ya! "

Kak T,Bangi (sources from blog)


alhamdulilah, ive received d items (abayas) 2day.masyaallah...beautiful packaging masyaalah....the abayas....very soft, fancy n xtremely pretty...masyaalah....abayas are modest and suit me perfectly!!!!very very very very satisfiedI LOVE THEM!!!thank you so so so so so so so so much!!!!!"XOXOXO

Afzan,Klang Lama(sources from email)



"Salam! I've received the items last night...........beautiful and sooooo comfy.......me and daughter loves it! Looking forward to buy more....Thanks, babe!

-Noorizan Bte Isa,S'pore(sources from facebook)



I've got the telekungs, masyallah they are indeed gorgeous! Love 'em.Btw sister, what's the loop-tali-like at the end of the sleeves for?Nice doing business with you.

Take care!~"

-Fariha,Auckland,NZ(sources from blog)





"salam sis... i've rec'd my item yest... dah try kan on my son pon... lawa sgt.. the material best... sejuk... thx alotz.... ;)"

-Nurshahrina Shahari,Singapore.(sources from facebook)





"salam aliah,alhamdulillah kakak dh dpt telekung!!very nice & jadi rebutan la pulakkk!

i got black for myself,and the other 1 for mom....happy dia,x sabar nak pakai!! thanx darl!"

-Shaharizah Sahar,Muar Johor.(sources from facebook)





"Salam sis aliya.. my mom got the telekung last week.. and she's so happy. i dah try, sedap la.. cm kn beli juga utk diri sdr ni hehe.. Nway, Thx a lot yea..."

-Yuzlin Yunos(sources from facebook)